Minimalist Designs, Maximalist Details


Minimalist Designs,

Maximalist Details

This fall, we have updated classic bag styles with standout features to create elevated everyday accessories that have an enduring appeal

Enduring Appeal

Classic bag styles — from the bucket to the crossbody — are worthy fashion investments that offer incredible style mileage. Featuring evergreen shapes and clean lines, these pieces possess an enduring appeal that allows them to remain relevant through the seasons. At the same time, their simple beauty also makes them perfect for constant reinvention. Striking details — a visually arresting buckle or a chunky chain handle — can refresh these timeless designs, and bring them to the next level.

Elevated Details

In our latest collection, we have updated classic bag styles with eye-catching elements to create a range of everyday accessories that scores high on both fashion and function. A small twist can go a long way — our Cesia shoulder bag, featuring an elegant and eye-catching metallic gold embellishment, is a case in point. A change of colour, from neutral to jewel tones, is another fail-proof way of reworking a classic bag. Opt for a bright finish, as seen on the blue Balta belted bag, or incorporate small pops of colour, as we have done with an orange padlock on our Balta tote bag. Playing on shape and proportion, the Verity sculptural bag and Selby shoulder bag are both understated bags that make a big impression.

Cesia Crossbody Bag
Balta Belted Tote Bag
Balta Chain-Link Belted Bag

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