Spring Summer 2023 State Of Play

Drawing inspiration from play — the universal process and language that shape us and the world around us — our latest collection possesses a fun-loving and girlish spirit. Featuring a bright and refreshing colour palette, this joyous range of eye-catching shoes and bags reflects a nostalgia for the fabulous ‘90s and is influenced by our collective memories of childhood. More than anything, these accessories encourage women to express and enjoy themselves through fashion.

This season, our bags are imbued with a whimsical playfulness that evokes colourful memories. The street-chic Petra curved shoulder bag — a new must-have style — is an ultra-trendy take on the mini bag trend. Inspired by classic '00s bags, it features the mini shoulder bag silhouette and striking hardware that is so sought after right now. Other statement bags in the collection include candy-coloured tubular slouchy hobo bags with a soft, pillowy finish, as well as the beloved Koa bag, back by popular demand in pink, turquoise and cyan. Fans of the Koa will be delighted to know that it is now available in an incredibly adorable micro size.

Girlish elements from ‘90s movies and rounded, plush forms reminiscent of childhood playthings translate into the uppers of padded slides, loafer mules and heels. Clogs make a comeback this season, with leather platform clogs recalling the hippie heydays of the ‘70s. Dressier shoes are given a playful touch — the D’Orsay pumps and stiletto heel mules in the Gabine range are finished off in patent leather to give them a romantic charm and light-hearted femininity that’s perfect for everyday wear.

The right bag and shoes are not only capable of bringing an outfit from good to great, but can also set the mood for an entire day. Our favourite trendsetters demonstrated the power of accessorising by styling the Petra curved shoulder bag and woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps in their inimitable ways.

Ganna Bogdan


Using the yellow Petra bag as a snug crossbody and completing her outfit with the outstanding woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps, content creator Ganna Bogdan transformed her casual city look into a head-turning ensemble.



Content creator Lindsay Vrckovnik elevated her preppy-esque outfit by accessorising with the sleek Petra bag and chunky-heeled woven buckled d'Orsay pumps, which she paired with pristine white socks for a youthful aesthetic.

Martina Pompeiano


Content creator Martina Pompeiano created a quietly dramatic look with an over-sized blazer, our woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and the ultra-chic Petra bag, proving that less is indeed more sometimes.

Renee Bellerive


Content creator Renee Bellerive makes a quiet statement in an all-black look — the stylish details and striking silhouettes of the woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and Petra bag make her stand out in all the right ways.

Natasha Narrina


Layering a black mini dress over a crisp white shirt, content creator Natasha Narrina blends edgy elements into her feminine outfit with the woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and Petra bag.

Wang Chu Ran

Actress Wang Chu Ran let the yellow Petra bag shine as the star of her outfit. This compact mini shoulder bag, inspired by classic '00s bags, features striking hardware and a beautiful curved silhouette.

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